Rule Clarifications


The question of bombing runs keeps coming up on forums. It is actually quite simple to explain. Any plane that may make a strafing run may use bombs just like any other weapons. The plane must be 1 level higher than the ground target, they hit the ground targets on a 5+ as normal and damage as normal.

However any plane that is designated a bomber may chose to make a bombing run with them. If they chose to do this they must be at height 3 higher than the target. If they do this they use the Bombing to-hit chart and the special rules for Bomb Creep come into effect.


There has been a lot of confusion over what counts as tailing and what isn't tailing. The problem being the Rulebook terminology is a bit unclear. I think these examples will help a lot. In general a plane is tailing when the Opponents stem is in your front arc and your stem is in their rear arc. But also looking at the lines from these arcs makes the decision easier.




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