Katch Da Squigeon


  • Type: Squig with wings
  • Maximum altitude: 8
  • Maximum speed: 3
  • Minimum speed: 0
  • Thrust: 2
  • Hits: 1
  • Manoeuvrability: very high

Special rules:

  1. Squigeons has 2 moves per turn so select 2 manoeuver cards a turn.
  2. Squigeon always passes pilot tests.
  3. If the Squigeon is being tailed, the tailing plane must copy it's 1st card.
  4. Squigeon is a small target so it can only be hit on a 6 if you are on the same altitude. (Still counts as being tailed if the enemy is on it's six and on the same level or one level above or below.)


The board should be set up with as many hills and rock spires as possible. The Squigeon should be set up first within 12 inches of the center of the board at any height, speed and direction. The Ork Fightaz are then set up on one of the short board edges.


Due to the fact there is a single Squigeon and 5 planes the turn sequence has been altered. The turn sequence depends on the number of planes on the board at the start of the turn.

5 Planes F S F F S F F
4 Planes S F F S F F
3 Planes S F S F F
2 Planes S F S F
1 Plane S F S

This should give both sides the posibility of tailing the other side each turn.


Game goes on till either you reach turn 12, the Squigeon has been shot down, or all planes have crashed.


If all the planes and the squigeon is still alive at the end then it's a draw.

If the squigeon has managed to make 1 plane crash and is still alive it wins.

If the squigeon dies the orcs win.

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