Double Eagle Wings Planes Pilots


Halo Flight (773.M41, day 252)

Aircraft Pilot Crew
G for Greta Oskar Viltry Lacombe, Judd, Noxal, Gaize, Orsone
Hello Hellfire Unknown Unknown
Throne of Terra Unknown Unknown
Mamzel Mayhem Unknown Unknown
Get Them All Back Unknown Unknown
Consider Yourself Dead Unknown Unknown
Widowmaker Unknown Unknown
Miss Adventure Wassimir Kyrklan Unknown

PHANTINE XX Grey Thunderbolts with Green edging

Umbra Flight (773.M41, day 252)

Pilot Callsign
Commander Bree Jagdea Umbra Lead
Milan Blansher Umbra 2
Van Tull Umbra 3
Flight Lt Larice Asche Umbra 4
Pers Espere Umbra 5
Agguila Del Ruth Umbra 6
Clovin Umbra 7
Pilot Officer Vander Marquall Umbra 8
Katry Waldon Umbra 9
Orlonz Zemmic Umbra 10
Coridale Umbra 11
Goran Ranfre Umbra 12


Pilot Callsign Previous Unit
Enric Darrow Umbra 9 Previous Unit
Oskar Viltry Umbra 4 Halo Flight
August Kaminsky Umbra 5 Previous Unit
Major Frans Scalter Umbra 7 Seeker Flight

PHANTINE XIX Thunderbolts

Orbis Flight (773.M41, day 252)

Pilot Callsign
Commander Wilhem Hayyes Orbis Lead

The Apostles Ivory Thunderbolts

Pilot Callsign
Wing Leader Etz Seekan Apostle Lead
Major Dario Quint (Ace of Aces) Unknown
Captain Guis Gettering Unknown
Major Jeric Suhr Unknown
Major Ludo ramin Unknown
Major Ziner Krone Unknown
Harlsson Unknown


Pilot Callsign Previous Unit
Saul Cirksen Unknown 567th
Flight Lt Larice Asche Apostle 5 Umbra Flight

409 Raptors Black Thunderbolts

Pilot Callsign
Wing Leader Ortho Blaguer Raptor Lead
Rapmund Raptor 2

63rd Imperial Fighter Wing "The Sundogs"

Pilot Callsign
Leksanderr Godel Sundog Lead

786th Lightning Wing Lightnings

1267th Navy(recon) Lightnings

76th Firedrakes Mustard-yellow Thunderbolts

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