Creating Serious Damage Markers

Damage markers for Aeronautica Imperialis look great when used in-game, and are simple to make (about a half an hour of your time!) Based on the modeling section of the rule book, here is a step by step guide on how to make your own-


Materials needed:

*wire (copper wire commonly used for craft bead jewelery)
*cotton wool balls
*PVA glue
*paint brushes
*tissue (Kleenex/toilet tissue)
*matte black spray paint
*paint- red, orange, yellow, white

Step one:
Cut a length of wire. I use brass wire found at any craft store, easy to bend and cut. Snip a length of approximately 11cm using clippers, and bend one end into a hook using pliers.


Step two:
Using pva glue and a large brush, cover the hook end in pva


and cover the hook end in small torn strips of tissue


This will make sure that your models are not damaged by the wire, and will give the cotton wool something else to stick to. I used the hilt of a paintbrush to form the inside of the hook to a nicely rounded shape.

Step three:
Prepare some cotton wool. Part of a cotton bud stretched out to the approximate length of the wire.


Step four:
Liberally coat the length of the wire up to the tissue covered hook with PVA glue, using a large brush.


Press the cotton wool onto the top side of the wire and pinch it underneath so that it covers the wire completely. Twist, pull and prod it to suit the look you want! make sure that some of it covers the top of the hook end.


Step five:
When the PVA glue is starting to hold the cotton wool in place, pick off any straggling fibers. Using a large brush, liberally brush PVA glue from the hook end one or two centimeters down the length of wool. This will smooth the wool onto the hook end, and effectively create the area where flames will be painted later.


Step six:
Allow some time to dry. Spray the entire damage marker with flat black paint.


Step seven:
When this is dry, you can begin the first coat of paint in painting the flame effect. there is no need to be careful with this, the quicker you do it, the paint will still be wet between layers and you can get some nice blending.

Start out with Blood Red, applied liberally to the areas of dried glue, and in a few small streaks in crevasses along the length of the smoke cloud. As you can see, I painted 3 at a time.


Step eight:
Next, use a medium detail brush, and apply Blazing orange to raised parts of the red area, and most of the hook end.


Step nine:
Using a medium brush, apply smaller amounts of Bad Moon Yellow to raised areas of the flames.


Step ten:
Using a fine brush, add streaks of Skull White to areas that look like a source of billowing flames within the yellow areas.


And Voila! Allow the paint to dry, and now you have some easy markers that will look great in your games.
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