Base Markers

to add a little flair to your bases and make identification of planes easier you can now add mageboltrat's fleet base markers. Currently these are the available fleets.

There are also now some extra specialty markers for the orks. The first selection are the markings for a Death Skulls elite squadron. The second selection is a collection of Aces for each of the ork clans.

And for Eldar some craftworld specific markers. The rest will follow shortly.

To apply the base markers onto your base all you have to do is follow the following steps.

1. print them out at 620 pixels / cm (1575 pixels / inch).
2. Spray the sheet with some gloss varnish, to give them a bit of protection.
3. Cut them out with a pair of scissors.
4. Paint the back of them with PVA (Will be really easy to remove if you need too).

Original article by mageboltrat and can be found here and here
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