Aquila '07

The world of Hermannus is situated in the eastern fringes of the galaxy,
It has been of little historical interest in recent years, up until the destruction of Medusa
V, where Hermannus’ direct line for escaping refugees has meant that a great influx of races have been seen on the planet, Increased activity has been reported around the region north of the equator where Imperial cruiser “Emperors Wrath” crashed. Intercepted reports show that this vessel was reported to contain a great prize with in its holds, this has caused a great influx of ground forces vying to capture the prize for their respective masters
Your squadron has been seconded to the region to clear the skies of all enemy force who would harass and prevent your brethren on the ground from completing their goals, thus the air way over Hermannus has heated up and bandits are all away. It now time for your squadron to reach for the skies to prove who is the master of the skies over Hermannus.
Chocks away!

The worlds first ever Aeronauica Imperialis tournament Aquila 07 is being held in Bracknell England. On Saturday august the 25th.

The tournament will be made up of a minimum of 4 games.

The first game will be a combat air patrol. The Air war over Hermannus has heated up, you must survey the area and intercept force of the enemy.

The Second game is a ground attack where Your returning patrol has spotted any enemy base not far from your forward observation post (FOP). You must seek this base out and destroy, thus denying you opponent the advantage in the air war. Only problem is that you enemy has also discovered your FOP and has the same idea. You must destroy they’re post and wipe the enemy from the skies while still protecting you FOP.

The third game will be capture the star port. You will be going into the mission with the following commands The Star port must be secured at all costs, at worst you must make sure that it does not fall to your enemy.

The fourth and final mission is aces high a good old fashioned dog fight. Right! This is it! Your squadron has had enough of all this procrastination, and has decided that it is time once and for all to
determine who are the better fliers on the Hermannus!

For directions more information and rules please take a look and the online packet available here. Also if there is something you can not find in the packet you can email the chair at ku.gro.bulcgfb|riahc#ku.gro.bulcgfb|riahc

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